Most Anticipated Figures (Sept ’17)

For a first blog entry, I decided to jot down my most anticipated PVC figures as of September 2017. There are a few more I haven’t included that are a bit more iffy; a bad paint job might turn me off from buying them completely, so I wanted to just cover the ones I’m sure I’ll adore either way.

Let’s start with a Lala!


I don’t have much experience with TLR beyond owning the Venus artbook, adoring Kentaro Yabuki’s artwork, owning the Alphamax bikini Lala figure, and playing the Deviluke sisters-centric deck in Weiss Schwarz, but I’m eagerly awaiting the painted prototype of her anyway. Lala is cute, bubbly, wants to get along with other girls, and has a great body. She’s a dream wife, and I’m a sucker for wedding-themed clothing.

Ideally, I’d like to own all three sisters from this set. I’m still hunting down wedding Momo, but I have wedding Nana preordered.