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Amiami Haul — August 2017

I’m always a hoe for saving money, so unlike my “EMS ONLY” boyfriend, I don’t mind paying less for registered SAL shipping. The downside is that this August figure blog post is being published in late September, but… what can you do?

In other news, I borrowed a friend’s DSLR camera to try out proper photography before investing in my own, and I got a few shots in before it… promptly died. orz… I’ll hopefully get to grab the charger soon. Until then, please be patient with the photo quality on my blog.

Anyway, let’s start with Utaha’s nendoroid!

Utaha Kasumigaoka (nendoroid) – Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata – Good Smile Company (mfc)

I dont know what it is about Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (Saekano) that attracts me so much. I didn’t think the first season was phenomenal, yet I ended up with 3 scale figures and 3 nendoroids on my hands + 3 more potential prototypes in my wanted list. I really like the girls, the story, the art, and Misaki Kurehito’s character designs and light novel art, but it still feels like… something’s off about this lol…

Pictured: me mindlessly eating up the slop Saekano’s merch committee keeps dishing out.
(gif by sugoihentai on tumblr)

Utaha, though. What a good girl.

She’s a cool beauty in every sense of the word. A successful light novelist under a pseudonym, Utaha’s perfectly balanced mix of kuudere and borderline verbal abuse brings Senjougahara to mind.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel like Saekano’s art style translates the best to the nendoroid look, but the figures in this set are still wonderfully expressive. Utaha-senpai’s nendoroid is adorable. I especially like her little drooly face.

That being said… her box is still sealed.


I think this is the first time I’ve ever gotten a figure and not opened it. I keep asking myself if I really like Saekano as much as I think I do, or if I’m going to still want these figures a year from now. I’m most likely going to get everything all set up and then see if the scale figures’ display would look better with the nendos or not. If not, I’ll probably just sell the whole set.

I haven’t really mentioned it on this blog yet, but I feel the need to explain away the clutter orz… Kevin and I bought our first house at the beginning of June!! Decorating’s been a lot of fun, but unfortunately unpacking all of our merchandise is taking the backseat to… getting actual furniture set up lmao. We still have all these boxed up figures hanging around. We’re slowly unpacking and arranging, but at this point, it sort of feels like it never ends.

Anyway, moving on–

Holo (nendoroid) – Spice and Wolf – Good Smile Company (mfc)

Although I do really like her (enough to cosplay her, even), this tiny Holo is Kevin’s. Seeing as I let him pose her, I didn’t want to mess around with her positioning too much, but I think I prefer her neutral smiling face to her smug face.


It seems like the nendoroid is based more on the anime’s design by Kazuya Kuroda, as opposed to Juu Ayakura’s light novel design. Kevin’s pretty bummed about that, admittedly, but this Holo is still a good Holo.

>tfw no cute wolf gf who will banter with you and use your money ;_;

By the way, the beer steins in the back were custom engraved by Pyrite Salesman at Korbo’s Kustom Glass. What a legend. I’d like to do a separate post on Kevin’s Spice and Wolf/Holo collection sometime, because it’s really nice.

And, lastly…

Nero Claudius / Saber Extra (mug) – Fate/Extella – Gift (mfc)
Tamamo no Mae / Caster Extra (mug) – Fate/Extella – Gift (mfc)

There’s never much to say about mugs, but I still really like the designs. They’re printed cleanly and sharply, and they fit in well with our mug collection.


There’s a war going on in our household since I prefer Nero and Kevin prefers Caster. Even so, he’s the only one with merch of his respective girl, so… I guess I’m the one who’s losing. R.i.p.

And that’s it for this month. I’ve got… I believe three things coming in for my September order, but one is a Christmas gift, so that’ll be a surprise for now~

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