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Comiket 92 Doujin Haul — Almost a Nightmare

Our Comiket order came in a few days ago! But we had a little trouble… I’ll apologize in advance for my phone’s potato pictures.

Kevin and I ordered a decent number of doujinshi from Comiket 92 this past August. We made a proxy order through White Rabbit Express, and it arrived safely, only… half of the books weren’t ours?? A good 12 of our 21 items were missing (and the five we got in their place weren’t even our type www…)

We were both pretty scared, since once doujinshi is sold out, it’s much harder to get ahold of… We did get about half of our order, though.

Kevin had emailed them explaining the situation, and I had also tweeted pictures to their twitter account, @whiterabbitexp. In a matter of hours, they’d gotten back to both of us, tracked down the rest of our order, and apologized sincerely. They asked us to send back the mistaken books and reassured us that they would cover the cost of mailing it. A few days passed between irl business and the post office/UPS being closed on Sundays, but we quickly learned that it’d be really costly to ship the books back to Japan with a tracking number.

Before we could even ship them out (which we took care of today), we’d received the rest of our order!

I was so relieved. They’re home safe and sound… ;_; Those two were the only ones of mine in the batch, and I ended up really liking them.

List of doujin artists:
(pretty much all of these links are NSFW)


As a final thought, we’ve both used White Rabbit Express’s proxy service before and had good experiences. Mistakes do happen, and while this mix-up was inconvenient, their customer service and the effort they put into setting things right quickly and efficiently was really appreciated. I’ll definitely still be using them again. I’m currently waiting on another order from them for my itabag, so I’m eager.

I also got in my August order from Amiami a week or two ago, so I’ll make a post about that, too!

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