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Momo Deviluke 1/4 scale (FREEing) & October GETs

The friend that let me borrow his camera finally lent me the charger!!! So half of this post’s images will be from a DSLR, rather than my phone’s camera.

My birthday was on Halloween, and I had a really great time. I had the day off work, got my hair bleached, and wrote out a letter to myself, which is always therapeutic. But this is a merch blog, so…

The gift my boyfriend got for me was the HUGE bunny Momo figure!!!

Momo Belia Deviluke (1/4 scale bunny) — To-LOVE-Ru Darkness — FREEing

This is a figure I didn’t think I’d ever actually own. She’s SO big, and shipping for bigger figures only gets exponentially wilder. I was super excited to get her.


I’ve written about To Love Ru figures before (all of the Deviluke sisters, actually), but I’m really pleased with this one. I can’t stress how much her size emphasizes her presence in a collection. This is my first FREEing 1/4 scale bunny figure, so I really was surprised to see her in comparison to other figures.


For the most part, the paint job is crisp and vibrant. Her hair was more of a purple tone than I expected, but that’s all right. Her playful, sexy pose suits her character super well.


It was bought preowned, so there are some slight signs of wear or paint transfers, but nothing that’s noticeable or detracts from the figure’s appearance as a whole.


It turns out I’m a huge fan of fishnets on figures, so long as the figure is big enough to make it not look odd or distracting. I’ve only ever seen one other figure with fishnets in person, and it was an Elin garage kit.


The curves sculpted on this figure’s legs totally destroyed me. They’re so, SO good. I can’t stress it enough. She’s wonderful.

Some other things came in, as well. The following two figures were my October Amiami order.

Shimakaze (1/7 scale) — Kantai Collection — Phat Company

This one is Kevin’s, as he’s the Kantai fan. The preorder was a gift from me last year, and she finally released! He has three scale Shimakazes now, which I’d like to get proper pictures of.

Aqua (nendoroid) — Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!/Konosuba — Good Smile Company


“Kihihihihi~ Kazuma, you dumbass! That’s what you get for not believing in me as a goddess!!”

SMUG!!!!! Aqua’s nendoroid is full of amazing faces. I’m really happy I grabbed her.

And, to match her…


…is a (potato-quality photo of an) English Weiss Schwarz deck that was given to me by two friends! I’ve mentioned it before on this blog, and I’m still working on the deck profile for it, but I want to keep playing with it before I write anything solid on it. This serves as a teaser.

Maple, Cinnamon (dakimakura) — Nekopara — Neko Works (NSFW) | Nitocris (dakimakura) — Fate Grand Order — Torico Trick (NSFW) | Lyria’s Note 3 (doujinshi) — Granblue Fantasy — Ichiso Kujou

And, in one quick group phone picture, Kevin’s new dakis and doujin.

There was a mixup when it came to ordering the Maple and Cinnamon dakis from the Koineko Online Shop, and his order ended up getting canceled. Kevin loves Nekopara and owns every other daki for the series, so he was really beat up about it. I’m glad he was able to grab them not too long afterwards.

I’d seen the Nitocris dakimakura after someone on /r/dakimakuras had bought her, and when I showed it to Kevin, he was able to track her down on mandarake in no time and went in. I’m excited to see her, Maple, and Cinnamon out of the bags.

And, lastly, Lyria’s Note 3. Ichijo Kusou is the artist behind Yuudachi from Kancolle. It’s a short non-H artbook of Granblue Fantasy, and it’s cute. Although Kancolle and Granblue aren’t really my thing, I’m a big fan of official artists doing fanart for other series, so it was still fun to check out.


MY UPDATED ITABAG!!!!! IT’S HERE!!! I ended up getting that replica Swimmer bag (which can be found here, but I bought off eBay), and it’s the perfect size.

I’ve only got one space left to fill, and I’ve got two pieces of merch coming for that. I’m super, super excited, although I’d like to rearrange the attached merch so that it looks a little neater. I was able to find a fabric that perfectly matched the material of the bag, and I sewed a zippered pillowcase out of it, as well as an inner pillow to give it some support and dimension. I’m super, super happy with how it’s come out so far. There’s a little more general decorating I’d like to do, but for the most part, my Sena waifu bag is just about done!

In other, non-merch news– Yesterday, I went with a big group of friends on a trip to see the new Fate movie in theaters!


It was absolutely amazing. I really loved it, and I’m super excited for the other movies.

I’ve got some other blog posts in the works, so here’s hoping I can finish them soon!

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