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Ode to My Waifu — Sena Kashiwazaki

I promised a post on my wife at some point, and since I just finished my itabag for now, it’s time!! This post will be full of lots of pictures of my collection of her, and some cosplay, too!


Sena is a wonderful girl. She’s both relatable and also the kind of girl I want to be more like. Besides being pretty, intelligent, and talented, she’s also super hardworking.

gif by @hiratzuka on tumblr

She’s unapologetic about her hobbies and passions, and can be haughty or stuck up at times, but she’s a sweet girl at heart. Sena is also drop-dead gorgeous, and is perfectly suited to my tastes and moe types. She adores cute girls as much as I do, too.

gif by @hiratzuka on tumblr

She always speaks her mind, and she’s confident enough to not be discouraged when tackling difficult topics or situations. She doesn’t hesitate, and she’s always willing to try new things.

She’s basically life goals AND wife goals for me, and I decided on making her my waifu in late October 2012, which means it’s been just over five years now. I’ve done my best to work up a proper shrine for her, collecting only merchandise of her that I feel does her justice (not counting gifts, etc.).

gif by @hiratzuka on tumblr

Getting right into it–

Valentine’s Day, 2016

I don’t know if I’ve ever said so straight up, but I got the idea of covering up lewd parts on doujinshi covers from my friend, Chloe.

The last picture I took of my full Sena collection was taken last Christmas (2016), but I really want to take an updated one this Christmas.

I also did that painting while I was very drunk, which I would highly recommend trying if you haven’t already.

Christmas, 2016

I really like collections that incorporate non-anime merchandise, so things like jewelry or tiaras and PSPs feel really nice to include.

Christmas, 2016
Christmas, 2016
Valentine’s Day, 2017

I’ve been cosplaying her since 2013, though I’ve never had a photoshoot done or anything. I’d like to, at some point! I was able to cosplay Sena to my close friend, Kath‘s, Yozora this year at Otakon, which was an absolute dream.

Anime Next, 2013
Otakon, 2017
Otakon, 2017 with Kath
Anime Expo, 2017

So, finally, I’ve finished my Sena itabag! I’m not sure if I’ll revisit it and add more things in later, but I’m really pleased with how it came out so far, and I definitely intend to wear it around, especially at cons. The sound drop is especially nice to have!



So… I love her a lot. What a good girl. One could even say “the best.”

gif by @yurippe on tumblr

On a side note, I’ve been working on some basic mockups up potential itasha designs.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was a more personal post than I usually do, but that can be refreshing every once in a while. I also wrote it in quite a rush, but I didn’t really have any reason to. I’ve been really productive tonight, and I guess I just wanted to get it out and published.

Unrelated, but I’ve been getting into Fate Grand Order recently. I’m dying and also ashamed. Nobunaga is my unexpected but adorable daughter.

I’m currently waiting on four figures that release in December (two of which are prepaid already… Thank god lmao), and I just finished my Napata 3×3 paintings, which I might write something on. We’re decorating the Christmas tree this week, so I might do something fun with that, too. There are lots of things I can write on, so I’m excited to get some more posts out!


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