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Napata Paintings! and a Very Tamamo Christmas Prep

I’ve managed to crawl out of my personal Fate/Grand Order hell to make a post! Amazing!

It’s… quite a timesink, lmao, but at least I’ve just about maxed my Santa Saber Alter. What a nice consolation.


Please help me.

Despite all of the Tamamo love to come in this post, and despite my penchant for fox girls, I want to remind everyone that my heart belongs to Nero!!!

An exclusive look inside my household

I really want to get Nero in F/GO, so I’ll have to keep grinding in preparation for the Saber Wars event… Well, anyway.

Speaking of Fate– This weekend, we had a friend come over to help decorate ornaments and the tree and bake cookies.

Shh… She‘s resting!
The fire is slowly dying / and, my dear, we’re still goodby-ing / but as long as you love me so / let it snow, let it snow, let it snow 🙂

From now on, whenever the guest bed is used, I want to tailor the dakimakura to whoever’s staying. We’re more than willing to share our pillow wives with guests. It’s the least we could do, as hosts.

Anyway, the tree we had came prearranged with blue lights, so we decided on going with a gold/blue/black/white/silver color scheme. And who better to top the tree with than Tamamo?

Ah… What is that glimmering light atop the tree?
Every Christmas tree needs a star…! 🙂

To be honest, the base snapped inside this Tamamo‘s foot, so we can’t display her anyway. She’s been sitting in her box for a long time now, so finding a cute way to display her feels nice, all jokes aside. We fastened her with some thin, malleable wire from the fake flower arrangement section of Michael’s, and it worked fine.

My Christmas tree last year was a vaguely tree-shaped lavender plant since I was in the middle of moving, but the year before that, in 2015, I’d topped it with Alter’s Santa Swimsuit Sonico!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also! You might’ve caught a glimpse of some paintings on the wall in the picture of our friend embracing Nitocris. I’m super, super excited about those.

Napata is my favorite doujinshi artist. His work has such character, and it’s so sweet. I love seeing his art. I’ve even got a signed copy of Fakku’s physical release of Love Ridden.


I’ve always felt like the walls of a home should be used for images that make you feel happy. You should nicely frame things you want to see every day. Finding any nice, big Napata images would be enormously difficult, so I opted to make my own.


I cropped 9 images from panels of Napata’s doujinshi, then ran them through rasterbator to superimpose a grid over them. After that, I just copied the grid onto my canvas, erased the grid, and painted over them. I haven’t painted in a long, long time, but they came out really well, and I’m totally ecstatic over them.


It took me about half a year between bouts of procrastination to get them done, but I’ve been working ever since we bought our house, and having them finally finished feels wonderful on its own.

Thank you, based god.

In other news, our Amiami November order came in! I won’t be doing a full post on it, so it’s fine to just toss in the pictures here, right? Right.

Tamamo no Mae (1/7 scale Lancer) — Fate/Grand Order — Kotobukiya

She’s cute! But more importantly, she’s tall!! As our Tamamo display is now, Kevin won’t be able to display her holding her parasol…


Unfortunately, our mini cabinets are pretty dark, and since I’m still borrowing a friend’s camera and haven’t picked up one of my own yet and haven’t gotten a tripod or anything yet, taking proper pictures of it would be pretty much impossible right now. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s pretty difficult when I just want to share how everything looks NOW.


I prefer this Tamamo with her shirt, towel, and hat cast off, but since she belongs to Kevin, he’s welcome to display her however he thinks is cutest. He tends to prefer more detailed designs, so she suits his collection a little better this way, anyway.

One things I dislike about this figure is the state of the shirt, though. I’ve hidden it in photos, but it’s one of those cast-off shirts that splits down the side seam where it doesn’t properly connect together. She came with the sides of her shirt split and not interlocking, so it wasn’t as though we tried to remove it and it was damaged somehow. You can’t see it much in person depending on the angle you display her at, though.


I’m also having a hard time managing lighting in my photos. I did build a lightbox, but it’s a bit unstable, and I don’t have an easy way to install backdrops right now. I’ll probably opt to superglue in some clips at the top of the back wall and pick up some more desk lamps, but for now, I’m a bit limited. I’m all right with these shots feeling a bit washed out since it gives the impression of her shielding her eyes from the sun, but for other figures, it could definitely be more overwhelming and tacky.

Original illustration by Wada Rco

This cursed artifact was also in our Amiami order, as an early birthday gift for Kevin.

Waaaaiii!!! Tanoshiiiii!!!
Have you ever been far too committed to a joke?



There wasn’t any good place to put it, since I’m focusing mostly on merchandise etc. on this blog, but I recently finished Doki Doki Literature Club and had a blast with it. I’ve been watching Kore wa Zombie Desu ka (season 2) and Fate/Apocrypha, and I recently finished Kara no Kyoukai and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

This past week’s been really tiring, but we’ve been making a lot of progress sorting things away in the house. These are all the figures we have left in their boxes (for the most part…)!


We’re running out of room, though. We’ll most likely need shelves or more display cabinets or something. I’m not opposed to rotating out displays, but it’d be nice if we could somehow fit everything out without it looking cluttered or cramped.

I can’t wait to photograph everything, but… that’ll come with time.

I talked about it here and there in the post, but I do feel limited when it comes to the photos I can take, whether it’s our lighting, my lack of a tripod, my unfinished lightbox, etc. I want to invest more into it, but I can’t afford to right now, so it feels pretty bad to post such obviously lacking content. I can’t be disappointed right now, but it comes from a place of perfectionism and wanting my blog to look as nice as I imagine it.

Still, everything comes with time, so I’m happy with this for now. More than anything, winter fills me with a feeling of gratitude. Having a beautiful home I can decorate however I want with the person I love, and working hard enough at jobs that emotionally fulfill me that I can afford to take time to just relax and feel safe and secure… I’m really, truly happy.

No matter what you celebrate (as this isn’t especially a Christmas thing), I hope everyone who’s reading this can take some time to themselves, light a candle, and relax.


I’ll end my sentimentalism early and cut my post off now! That’s enough!

I’m thinking about commissioning little chibis of myself for this blog! I have an artist in mind, so there may or may not be some little additions to the layout of this site soon!

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