WonFes 2018 Winter – Most Anticipated Figures

It’s time for WonFes! I’ve been absolutely blown away this season and eager to be writing again, so I’ll dig right into it.

(Shocking no one, lots of To Love Ru, and some Fate and Zero no Tsukaima under the cut.)


Lala Satalin Deviluke (1/7 scale, Onepiece ver.) – To Love Ru Darkness – Ques Q (mfc)

Honestly, I’m on the fence about her. There isn’t a lot of contrast in the coloring, especially in comparison to the original image, so the figure itself looks rather flat. I like the pearlescent shine on her dress, but the lack of color variation on it and her hair (+ the latter’s matte finish) looks incredibly flat.


The second picture looks a bit better, but it’s still a bit off. I also don’t understand why there’s now a ribbon tied around her arm. I don’t know if it has to do with the sculpting or construction process, but it looks sort of odd.

I’ll probably still snag her. I’m just happy to see Lala getting more love.



Momo Belia Deviluke (Harem Gold ver.) – To Love Ru Darkness – Amakuni, Hobby Japan (mfc)
The cover of Kentaro Yabuki’s To Love Ru Darkness artbook Harem Gold (mfc)

Interestingly enough, the original image has all of the girls lounging, but the figure prototypes so far have them all standing upright. I like sitting figures since I think the different heights make for more dynamic displays, but if the figures are showy enough, it might be better this way.

I don’t have a ton of experience with Amakuni’s work, so I hope they’ll look alright painted. The sculpts themselves look nice, but I’m still so wild about Max Factory’s Venus bride set that I’m concerned about another company handling it.


Momo Belia Deviluke (1/6, Babydoll ver.) – To Love Ru Darkness – Alter (mfc)

I LOVE THIS. SO MUCH. From the 1/6th scale, Ryujin on sculpting, and the Amiami exclusivity, it looks like she’s supposed to match Alter’s Lala from a while ago. I hope so, anyway, since she came out gorgeous.

I love her shy pose and the overall shape of the figure. I think babydoll outfits can easily looks too frilly or shapeless, but for Momo, something soft and puffy would look adorable. I also don’t think we’ve had any really good figures of her (if any at all?) in her low twintails, so this is really wonderful.

Will I ever be able to escape how cute the Deviluke sisters are? Or will my wallet be completely milked dry? Who knows?

Moving on from To Love Ru…


Suzuya (1/8, Kai Ni) – Kantai Collection – Max Factory (mfc)

I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! Our Kantai Collection… collection… is all Kevin’s, because he’s much more into it than I am, and his girls tend to get more merchandise. My favorite boat is Suzuya, and I never expected her to get more than a nendoroid at most. They’ve announced a figma AND a scale figure for her this WonFes, which is awesome. I can’t wait to see it painted!



Emilia (1/7) – Re:Zero – Good Smile Company (mfc)

I’m… not sure how to feel about her. I was so excited for a nice scale Emilia alternative to Kotobukiya’s. I wish I could take the darker shading around her face and give it to the Lala up top. There’s so much unnecessary contrast here, and not enough soft color. She certainly won’t match GSC’s 1/7 scale Rem and Ram.


A lot of people are complaining about her leg bending, but I don’t mind that. I might still get her, depending on whether or not GSC can take some nicer official shots that show off a more even coloring tone. Otherwise, I might just not get a scale Emilia at all.


Emilia (1/7, Wedding ver.) – Re:Zero – Phat Company (mfc)


Obviously, I can’t say if I’ll like this figure a lot, but with the Ram painted prototype this Wonfes looking much more appealing than the Rem one in this line, I have higher hopes than I ordinarily would.


Nero Claudius – Fate Grand Order – Stronger (mfc)

This is VERY exciting! Nero has an abundance of scale figures, but I’ve always been picky enough to never go in on any of them. This one might prove to be something really special.

Truthfully, I prefer her design with the sword, but without the over-the-top shoulder ornaments, so I hope they’re optional.

I owe you my life, my sweet summer child.

Shockingly, this Nero is the only Fate figure on the list. I’m not sure how this happened, but I feel some kind of divine protection tonight.



Sora Kasugano – Yosuga no Sora – Alphamax (mfc)

I feel like Yosuga no Sora figures are like my forbidden promised land. That really delicious-sounding thing on the menu you never actually let yourself go in on because it’s not the right time. Not the right day. The proverbial cheesecake, except it’s a cute anime girl.

S-Sure would… be nice…!

Having not playing the visual novel yet, I keep coming up with every excuse to not buy figures of Sora, even though her design is so appealing to my tastes personally. I don’t care for imouto stuff, but the monochrome outfits, twintails/sidetails, light hair, etc… It’s all really good. Someday I’ll go in. I’m not sure if that day will ever come.

Original illustration, by Takashi Hashimoto


Megumi Katou (Lingerie ver.) – Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata – Alter, Aniplex (mfc)

I’ve been trying to escape Saekano hell for a while now. I keep telling myself I don’t need gorgeous swimsuit figures or school uniform figures. I already have one of each girl and the full set of three nendoroids. And then they go and do this.

Cute sitting/kneeling poses… Detailed lingerie… Great!!!

The sculpt itself for Megumi doesn’t look phenomenal, but if it’s Alter and an Aniplex exclusive, I’m sure the coloring will knock the ball right out of the park. I can’t even make excuses to not go in.

Please pray for me.


But, for now… It’s time.


Louise de la Valliere (Finale Wedding ver.) – Zero no Tsukaima – Good Smile Company (mfc)

Honestly, I got misty-eyed when I saw this. This was my most-anticipated unreleased figure since I began this blog. There’s a possibility that this is the final significant piece of Zero no Tsukaima merchandise we’ll ever get, and I can’t put into words how excited I am for it. She looks absolutely gorgeous.

This is the image on the final light novel volume’s cover. It’s the cover of Eiji Usatsuka’s final(?) Zero no Tsukaima artbook, compiling everything he’s drawn for the series. Even just seeing Usatsuka’s art grow through the years, culminating in this, is so significant.

I’m so unbelievably happy. I can’t wait.


And that’s about it for this year. Unsurprisingly, lots of Fate and Idolm@ster, but I was able to navigate dangerous territory through sheer will and heavy pickiness.

There were a few figures I was looking forward to that weren’t shown or mentioned this year, so I might to a follow-up post on that. I’d also like to do posts on specific figure photoshoots I’ve done and will do. I have a few all set; it’s just a matter of writing them out.

In the meantime, this is my first post with this new layout! I’m still working things out with it, so please be patient.


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