Photoshoot: Shimakaze (1/7th scale) – Kantai Collection – Phat Company

“I’m a destroyer. Shimakaze. I won’t lose to anyone in speed.”

Shimakaze & Rensouhou-chan (1/7th scale)
Kantai Collection – Phat Company – mfc

Although we received her in November, and I took her photos around January, I’m only just now posting them up! I have a few little photoshoots queued up; it’s just a matter of making the posts for them. Here we go!

Phat Company’s official promotional image

Shimakaze is one of my boyfriend’s favorite Kancolle characters, so he’s collected a few of her figures now. I forget what the occasion was for, but I ended up preordering this one as a gift for him. I happen to like this one the best, out of all the ones we have. I think she’s just… really fun to look at.


Unfortunately, with this being my first shoot project, the size for these pictures is limited and I’ve since lost the raws, so from now on, I’ll have larger images available.

Using a warmer light on one side made it look as though she’s looking out at the sunset!



I always love how Shimakaze’s expression is passive and quiet, but somehow spirited. It never seems to look boring or empty at all.


The color contrast of her outfit is really sharp. The muted navy on her uniform set so closely to the bright red on her socks really looks nice, and the sculpted motion draws the eyes all over the figure. You can really see the weight of her leaning on top of Rensouhou-chan, though he doesn’t seem to mind much.

Obligatory Shimabutt Shot


I really love that this figure looks gorgeous from seemingly every angle. It’s so detailed that there’s always something nice to focus on.


I couldn’t resist taking a group shot of all of Kevin’s Shimakazes together. Ordinarily, I’m not wild about having multiple figures of the same outfit, but it never seems overwhelming or boring with Kancolle.


Pictured here are Amakuni’s 1/8th scale (left) and Good Smile Company’s 1/8th scale (right), as well as a tiny zooming strap by Media Factory.


I should also note that a close friend got me a lightbox for Christmas!! This was the first time I was able to use it, but I think it came out really well. I’ve used it a few more times since, and I seem to be adjusting all right. Although it’s a bit much to set up, it’s always very much worth it.

We’ve made various changes to our home, and I’ve been working on a few art projects, so I’d like to share those whenever I get the chance. I’m excited to get back to a regular posting schedule!


1 thought on “Photoshoot: Shimakaze (1/7th scale) – Kantai Collection – Phat Company”

  1. This figure looks great and you did such a good job photographing her! Having a lightbox really helps. I love all the expressions on the figure, especially the Rensouhou-chan being sat on. I don’t think anyone would mind being sat on by Shimakaze though.

    Liked by 1 person

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