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Photoshoot: Mami Tomoe — (1/8th scale) – Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Good Smile Company

“I’m not afraid of anything anymore.”

Mami Tomoe (1/8th scale)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Good Smile Company – mfc


Good Smile Company’s official promotional photo

I showed a teaser of my Mami shoot in my Godoka post! I’ve had these photos lying around for a while now, so it feels good to finally post them.

Original artwork by Ume Aoki

Mami is a character I don’t talk about often, but along with everyone else in Madoka, I really love her. I feel like she’s very underappreciated, but she has such an obviously flawed yet charming character that I can’t help but love her.


I do wish that the metal rod securing her to her base was more disguised, but Homura’s wasn’t, either.


I think I’d agree with a comment I saw on her mfc page that said she looks great in a group, but probably wouldn’t look very nice as a standalone figure. If you like Mami a lot, though, I’d definitely recommend picking her up.


I’m not a fan of how plain some of these images are, so I’ve worked up an idea for creative, fun ways of doing figure photography from now on.

In the meantime, though, here are some detail shots.


Mami’s soul gem design is probably my favorite. Tied with Madoka’s, anyway.

I really like the style of motion in this line of figures. Obviously the angle of her body had to be shifted around for display in a 3D space, but I think it worked out very effectively.

I’ve always liked how fluffy her skirt looks, and tiny ribbon accents are always the best.
Kyoko prototype when ;_;

Overall, I like the figure a lot, and I think it does Mami a lot of justice. I like the warmer hue on the length of her hair, and I love that her skirt is as billowy as the 2D artwork always suggested. She probably isn’t my favorite in the set, but I love having her.



As a side note, my bunny kept trying to interfere with my fragile set-up, so I had to shoo him away in the middle of shooting.



Things have been really busy lately. I’ve completely changed my career in the past few weeks. Yesterday was my last day of work at my old job, and tomorrow my first day at my new job. I’m pretty nervous, but I think that comes naturally with starting anything new.

I’m glad that, despite how busy I’ve been lately, I haven’t neglected to update my blog regularly. I’ve been playing around a little with different ways of advertisement and extending social reach, so I’ll continue trying things out.

I haven’t really been doing Amiami hauls lately, opting instead for more frequent posts of individual figures, but please let me know which you’d prefer!

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