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Photoshoot: Tamaki Kousaka — (1/6th scale) – To Heart 2 – Max Factory


Tamaki Kousaka (1/6th scale)
To Heart 2 – Max Factory – mfc


I love To Heart 2. It’s generic moege, but it was my first real dating sim, and it holds a really special place in my heart. And while I like pretty much every girl in it, Tamaki’s always been my favorite.

Don’t read into my reasoning too much.

Strong, forward, and cute. The perfect not-actually-your-blood-related-sister-so-just-relax-we’re-only-childhood-friends big sister. Top onee-chan moe. Popular with other girls. She’s playful, smart, driven, and charming, and I adore her. My first dakimakura was of her.


But as cute and impressive as she is, Tama-nee can also be really aggressive, prone to hugging the main character without giving him any chance to escape. I wanted to go for a more romantic look for her shoot, while also highlighting how perfect the sculpt on this figure is.


I definitely wanted to try something different with my shoots from now on, and I remembered reading this article a while back, instructing readers on how to incorporate flowers into their figure displays. I fell in love with the idea and wanted to try it out myself.




In the above photo, you can just slightly see the base I used: a ring of baked clay (with saran wrap placed under it while it was still cooling. Better flower placement would have hid it more effectively.


I love the pink tone on the TH2 school uniform, so I wanted to go for a fully warm arrangement to reflect and enhance it.



I think from some angles, the size of her boobs looks absolutely ridiculous, but from others, it’s really endearing.



I picked the flowers based solely on their appearance, but I can still probably spin the flower language to pertain to Tamaki and pretend I did it on purpose lol. I used peonys, which indicate wealth and romance, as Tamaki is an ojou-sama that previously attended a girls’ private school and is so passionate about what drives her.


Hydrangeas are an effective space filler to the left of the display, and those can show gratefulness for being understood. By the end of the route, Tamaki values the protagonist seeing her as a girl after years of just being a friend in a big sister(/bully lmao) role.


Beneath her are delphiniums, which can represent a strong, burning attachment and an open heart, and apple blossoms, which show preference towards a suitor. There are also some aster daisies. Daisies can mean a lot of different things, but daisies themselves are actually two separate flowers combined into one, so it’s not unheard of for them to represent compatibility and true love.

At least, pretend I put that much thought into it, lol.


Part of why I love this figure so much has to do with the way Tamaki’s curves were captured. I love the sculpt of her thighs and stomach, especially since a lot of Tamaki figures just opt for a generic tiny anime body with big boobs tacked on. This is a lot closer to how I imagine her.



The sculpt of her shoulders and collarbone is also super erotic.


This is easily one of my favorite figures, and I’m glad I could put together an especially nice display for it.



The moral of the story is Please Play To Heart 2, because it’s full of enough adorable girls that at least one will suit your taste, and because I can count the number of other fans I’ve met on maybe one hand, and that’s tragic.

I had to make this horrible gif myself, if that’s not an obvious reflection of my desperation.


On a personal note, I started a new career recently. It’s been really stressful, but I’ve been doing the best the I can. I’ll treat it like a challenge, like I would with anything else new. Working a desk job for the first time is… definitely new and unusual, but it’s just another kind of job. I’ll keep doing my best.

At the time of writing this, I’m snowed in from work, and my FGo waifu is finally going to be available to roll, so I’m having a great day, actually.

I love you. Please come home. I’ll do anything.


Also! You might’ve noticed the cute blonde girl in the sidebar of this blog! I commissioned some art from angiethebunnie of a blog mascot I designed, as well as another picture that I’ll be putting in the header once it’s complete. If you’re interested in commissioning her and her commissions are open, you can find information linked in her twitter bio.

And since I didn’t mention it in a specific post, my new logo was done by Drasil Designs! He’s also open for commissions (logos, video thumbnails, twitch layouts, etc.), so please contact him if you’re interested!


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