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Chitoge WIP, Site Mascot, Fate/GO Wife GET!

A filler post while I sort out irl things– F/GO updates, site updates, and teasers at new posts!


First off: site updates!

My site’s logo is complete!! As credited below, the text logo was done by Drasil Designs, and the illustration of my OC and site mascot, Takako, was done by Angie the Bunnie (as well as the icon of her in my sidebar).

I might write a lil post on her at some point, but for now, all you have to know is that she’s the mascot of Kinpatsu Maid, and is… a blonde maid who loves cute girls as much as I do, dresses in himekaji fashion like I do, and runs a blog… ah. Hmm. That’s odd.

Ah, well. It’s fine.

Thank you both again for bringing such colorful brightness to my site! I’d highly recommend either of them for commissions, so if you’re ever interested, please check them out!


As far as upcoming posts–

I’ve been working on decorating my Alter Chitoge figure for my next flowershoot, but I’m all out of clay to form the base… I’ll have to pick some more up before I can finish this up.


I wanted something really Spring-y, and yet it’s snowed twice since I took this photo. Pennsylvania is truly some kind of hell.

As far as other new posts, I’m thinking of doing artist spotlights. Posts for individual JP artists I really like, as well as shots of whatever merch of theirs I have. Just introductions, since there are so many artists I love that I think deserve more notice.


In lieu of an actual post, though, please take this custom playmat my irl friend made for me for Christmas that I never ended up posting!!! She’s perfect… I’m not personally a fan of using fanart on physical pieces of merchandise, and I feel bad being unable to credit the original artist (their username is cherry7, but I’m unable to find any link to their current site), but as a gift and not something someone made money off of, I’ll gladly accept it.


I’m not sure of the service he used to make it, but I’ll update the post once he gets back to me.

EDIT: He used Inked Gaming’s custom playmat service!!

Speaking of cards, I may or may not be playing in the Weiss Schwarz tournament in Bushiroad’s Spring Circuit! If I do attend, I’ll be at the White Plains, New York tournament. Not sure if I’ll use my To Love Ru or KonoSuba deck, but if we both end up there, please introduce yourself and say hello!


The last time I posted, I’d written out my hopes of pulling Medb in FGO’s next gacha banner. I, uh… certainly pulled her.



No support servants ;_; What a dream…

Actually, things didn’t stop there at all.

Happy April Fools, I guess?????


This is unbelievable, thanks. I love her… I’m so happy…



I’ve been using my time lately towards working out, working, and sleeping properly, and my weekends have been (and will be…) all booked up, so I haven’t had as much time to do anything else. It’s tiring, but also important. I’ve also been watching Citrus and F/E Last Encore, which are fun. I’m wild about the latter’s ED theme. I’d set it to autoplay on my site if my tumblr days hadn’t taught me that autoplay is super obnoxious wwww…


Either way, please look forward to posts coming in the near future!! Keep your eyes peeled!border

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