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Louise Collage — Work in Progress

If you follow my twitter, you might’ve seen me working on a sizable art project since around… January? February? I decided to do a full collage on canvas of a character I like. I eventually settled on Louise, since I’ve always loved the Zero no Tsukaima official art, Louise has so many fun outfits, and she’s so expressive.

I plan to do a how-to-make blog post once I’m completely done, so for now, you’ll get some in-progress pics!


All of these photos were taken on my phone, rather than with a camera/tripod, so they’re a bit blurry, but get better as they go on.






It was around this time that I realized the canvas I was working on was way too small for the project I had planned, lol.


I also toyed around with printing out a background and piecing it together (which, in retrospect, might’ve been a better option in some ways.)


But I eventually decided on these 1 square foot decorative papers from Michael’s. They look a bit pinker in person.

I had to lay all of the cut-outs out to get a grasp on spacing, which was more of a pain than it probably looks, since even the slightest adjustment on one affects at least four of the other ones, lol.




And, finally…


Those are all the photos I have for now! I’m still working on it (I need to get more ink cartridges, ugh), and I’d like to get it professionally framed, but I want to at least get the how-to post out next week or so.

I’m super happy with how she came out! It was a huge endeavor, but I’d definitely like to do this sort of thing again. Preferably on a smaller scale, lol


I ordered my cosplay commission for Otakon this year!! I’ll be going as Medb. I’m super excited!

I’m tired as always, but I’ve been making my time nice and productive. It feels like time’s been going by really quickly, but that’s alright, too. All I need is some good rest.


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