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Chitoge WIP Photoshoot Update

I took a bit of a break to take care of irl things, but it feels nice to post again.

Now that the weather’s better and more spring-like, I finally set up the Chitoge flower display! I’ve added a little mini photoset beneath the cut, but I plan to do a proper one soon.


Pictured on the sides: her signed EN Weiss cards

I wanted to go with something extra bright and poppy and colorful for this figure. I don’t plan to make all of my floral designs so big and let them engulf the figures (Tamaki’s surrounded by a full wreath, lol), but for this figure, it felt sort of right. I especially like the shape I was able to make with them, popping up and out from the base, and I’m glad I could cleverly hide that awkward metal rod that holds her up. The figure itself has a lot of motion and air built into it, so I wanted to compliment that with something that felt equally rainbow-ish and dynamic.

Although this is just a quick phone picture, I still took things a little more seriously today. I was able to borrow a friend’s time (www thanks Kevo) and tried to take a few quick photos, since I haven’t taken outdoor shots before. They didn’t come out very well, and it ended up getting cloudy as soon as we went out, but I ended up learning a lot, so it’s alright.










Incidentally, as soon as I adjusted the camera properly, it started to rain, lmao. So… I’ll try again another day.


For the past while, I’ve been really busy irl, but things are starting to ease up, which is nice. I’ve been working (what feels like) a lot, and trying to get done things that I’ve unintentionally let pile up. I’ve also been studying kanji and JP grammar lately, which is working surprisingly well for me. I’ve been sticking with it consistently, so I’m proud of myself.

I’m wondering what kind of content I can put on this blog when I’m not doing photoshoots, etc. I’m not sure if there’s any kind of content specifically that I should produce. I want to wait to do anything else on the Louise collage until I can get it framed properly. I’ll work hard and brainstorm up some more!



2 thoughts on “Chitoge WIP Photoshoot Update”

  1. Ridiculously beautiful photography, and arranging!! That color scheme . . . Always a treat to see natural light on a figure like this


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