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Sena Kashiwazaki’s Birthday 2018

May 19th was my waifu’s birthday!!! And as such, I celebrated like any other well-adjusted, high-functioning filthy weeaboo would: by taking advantage of the occasion to share my love for this girl. How deep the rabbit hole goes.


Before I go into how I celebrated Sena’s birthday (which was essentially just an excuse to finally take updated pictures of my Sena collection), I’ll touch a little on the site, my absence, and how things irl are going.

This is the first post I’ve made since moving to the new site address!… This is quite a dream. I’ve never had my own website before, so even though it’s essentially the same as it was before, every time I look at it, I feel so happy…

I haven’t been using the computer much at all lately. I’ve tested 3 visual novels in a row this past month, and since I sometimes associate the computer with work-after-coming-home-from-work, I sometimes avoid using it in my free time. It’s weird to me that I’ve been using the computer so much less, but going from a relatively physically active job to a desk job changes your focus quite a lot, I suppose. Thanks for all your patience regardless.

I’m heavily considering turning this blog into a general anime blog (reviews, etc), but still focusing on merchandise and figures frequently since it is a big part of how I express myself and which sub-hobbies I’m passionate about in this hobby. I think that, at this point, by limiting myself to merch only, I’m also limiting how frequently I can update this blog, so I’d like to try a bit to widen my expression before playing trial and error and seeing what sticks with me.


Anyway, if you aren’t already familiar with why I love this dumb shallow one-dimensional big booby anime girl, you can refer to the post where I openly profess my love for a poorly-written cartoon character here.

If you are, please continue.


Almost my whole collection can be found on my mfc page, but if you’re curious about any individual pieces, leave a comment and I can identify them for you.

I’m pretty sure I’m just about finished collecting Sena stuff. There’s maybe one or two other little figures I’d like, but I’m entirely satisfied with this collection as it is now (for now). It’s comprised entirely of either pieces I liked enough to track down myself or heartfelt gifts from friends and loved ones, so all of it makes me happy.


I love u… angel princess

These photos are gratuitous and hilarious, but I also think they

  • showcase my love for a character in a cute way
  • are absolutely something Sena herself would do, just with Kobato merch
  • look really nice

so I love them. I had a lot of fun taking them. Thank you to my incredibly patient boyfriend for helping me set everything up and take photos, lmao, you’re an angel.



Ah, what’s that photo next to me?

Google? Zoom? Enhance?



Ah. Of course. It’s purikura of me and my goth gf.

Get lost, Seiba.
If I look exhausted, it’s because I was. Drawing our own signs was really fun, though.

This pic was taken minutes after seeing Aniplex’s prices on their Fate/Zero box sets. To this day, I still haven’t recovered. (Please laugh.)

It might sound overly sentimental, but cosplaying Haganai with Kath was a really wonderful experience. I think, when it comes to cosplay, it’s easy to get wrapped up in perfectionism or competition, and you start to forget to just… have fun. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past year, it’s to channel your inner 13 year old who was so proud of a cosplay you scrapped together with friends because you just loved that character so much!!! That’s not to say you shouldn’t do your best, but unless you’re a professional cosplayer, I think Fun Things Should Be Fun, if you can help it. Keeping that spirit strong is part of what makes this (and other) hobbies so wonderful and emotionally fulfilling years later.


Back to the point — I realized that I never posted a good photo of my finished itabag, somehow, I think? At the very least, I didn’t have any photos of it with my cosplay. The bag itself is a Swimmer brand bag (most likely a replica). Swimmer recently declared that they were going out of business, but you can still find both authentic and replica bags online secondhand.





I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’d like to do something a little more traditionally cluttered for my next one, though I’m not sure who it’ll be of.


Taking your partner out on regular dates is an important aspect of nurturing a relationship. Put the phones away. Ask her about her day.

This is a little less romantic than how we spent Valentine’s Day, but it’s the little days that count. 🙂

The VN pictured is just a doujin fangame called Sena Plus, by Grand Cross. They do a lot of doujin eroge for pre-existing series, so while they’re short and nukige, if there’s a character you really like, it’s neat to find a whole little game about just them. You can pick up a number of them at Hen Da Ne’s booths at cons nation-wide, but you also might be able to find the physical copies of them online, too. I haven’t really gone looking, but I know their digital copies are easily purchased online.


I have quite a few things to write about for a while, so I’m expecting to update this blog more often for now.


Here’s to another year together! o/

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