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Bushiroad Spring Circuit – Weiss Schwarz (White Plains, NY 2018)

My friends and I recently attended Bushiroad’s Spring Circuit tournament in White Plains, New York to play Weiss Schwarz. It’s been a bit since then, but I meant to write about this at some point soon anyway, so it’ll be nice.


The day prior to the actual tournament, we drove in in my friend Jack’s convertible. Top down, warm, sunny weather… It was a really nice way to start the summer.

Once we all got there, we went as a group into New York City for the day and had a nice time. We met up with a long-distance friend, had a nice dinner, and I got some little blind box Kino’s Journey and Made in Abyss pins from Kinokuniya. My friend Corbyn also ran all around NYC snapping pictures of his tiny Umi nesoberi at places that show up in the Love Live movie, which I thought was super fun.


help her




As far as the actual tournament goes…

These photos of the venue were official photos taken by Bushiroad…

Some of my friends take Weiss a lot more seriously than Kevin or I do, but it’s always fun to still join in and play the game. This year’s set-up was sort of neat, in that it was a team-based tournament. Three team members would play against another team, and whichever one had two or more wins would move up.

I played an (almost) mono-red To Love Ru alien deck, Kevin played some sort of Kantai build, and Jack played a mono-blue Konosuba goddess deck.

I beefed it inking the pic, but it’s still cute.

On a side note, Jack runs a Weiss Schwarz-focused youtube channel called Three Six Cancel. If you’re interested in the game at all, he has a pretty thorough set of How to Play videos that can help you begin.

I didn’t do very well at all at the tournament, but nearly everyone I’ve met through Weiss Schwarz has been really friendly and pleasant, so I still had a lot of fun. Playing a TLR deck that isn’t Yamikan while also only practicing a bit before a tournament is sort of a joke, but I think as long as I have fun and I’m not inconveniencing anyone else, it’s alright.

…Unfortunately, Facebook is wild and bad and won’t load the page I got it from, so I can’t directly credit the source right now

I was able to meet up with a few friends, too, which was really nice!!

One was someone we met the year prior, who we also just happened to play in the first round. He’s going to Otakon this year as Caster Cu, so I’ll most likely be able to get a picture with him as Medb!

I met up with Kit, who runs a Weiss Schwarz-centered youtube channel called Burn One. He and his team ranked 1st place again, which was amazing. After the tournament was all done, his team, some of his friends, and our big group of friends all went for all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue. It was super, super fun and I’m glad we were all able to get together for it.

Pictured: me eating K-BBQ at the speed of light on the left behind the one guy

I also met Cam, who runs a figure-collecting youtube channel called Contains Anime. He covers figures, hauls, general merch, and cons, too. Talk to him about Madoka and mobage.

Meeting online friends is always really unpredictable and fun. I’ve done it for a long time, but hearing someone speak in person and seeing their body language and all is super weird. It’s almost always a fun experience, so I’m really happy.


IRL things are going well, actually, and I’m very excited for the next few months. I’ve also been doing more art lately, which feels refreshing. I’ll probably post up some watercolor stuff soon!

I barely even talked about the tournament lmfao BUT that’s because I had such a good time socially that weekend. It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I went. Weiss, all things considered, is a really difficult and fun game, and it’s one I want to keep playing.



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