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Anime Expo 2018 — Itabag Masterpost

My first AX 2018 post! I saw a lot of itabags, but AX is a nightmare to navigate freely, so I missed out on a lot of them. Because of that, this post is sort of short, but I was still really happy to snap the ones I did!


Mari Ohara & Dia Kurosawa — Love Live! Sunshine
by @hentaison (instagram | myfigurecollection) & @buttonbrains (instagram | myfigurecollection)


I waited in line on Day 0 to get my tickets for the Anisong World Matsuri Japan Super Live, and the two girls in front of me were the first people I asked about photographing their itabags. They were super sweet, and just when I was talking about how cool their bags were…


…they pulled down their socks and revealed matching LL!Sunshine friendship tattoos!!!! That’s such a cute idea. They said their other friends have the matching Kanan and Yohane symbols, as well.


Shaman King
by @aquapunkchick (instagram)


She was cosplaying Anna, too! This bag was double-sided, and the other side had Hazuki from Free! on it. We spoke a bit, and she told me she’s made a few itabags now, and that she was making a Mob Psycho 100 one for her boyfriend!


Ruby Kurosawa — Love Live! Sunshine
by @fairyninetales (twitter)



Sakura Kinomoto (+ Syaoran & Tomoyo) — Cardcaptor Sakura
by @binnyx3 (instagram)


She was cosplaying Sakura, too! I really wish I’d gotten a picture of her cosplay to add to the post.


Arturia Pendragon — Fate series
by @yurifucker (twitter)


Blurry pix bc Emi was super lit at the time lmao

I managed to meet up with a few of my online friends, and Emi was one of them!! She was cosplaying Hawaiian shirt Saber and had the Excalibur replica that was sold at the Aniplex booth! Her itabag was double-sided, with cute Seibas on both sides.


Truly, a king of knights.


Jack the Ripper — Fate series
by @angiethebunnie (twitter)


Angie was another online friend I was able to meet up with!! I knew she loved Jack, and I found a super cute Jack acrylic in the dealer’s room, so I snagged it for her. I didn’t even realize she had an itabag for her, so I was really happy…

the qt in question

Unfortunately, the original design of the bag didn’t make it through AX’s battlegrounds, but she sent me a photo of what it originally looked like!


Incidentally, Angie is also the person who drew the images of Takako (my site mascot) in the header and sidebar!!) I’ve plugged it before, but her commissions are here.


Incidentally (and shockingly?!), I also found two cute Sena buttons/straps that I didn’t already have! I’ll include those in the merch post I make.

Doing a much lengthier itabag post for Otakon seems much more feasible, since for me, AX is the industry con where I’m showering twice a day and frantically rushing through 115-degree sardine-packed halls to get autographs and make it to industry panels for companies I work for, but Otakon is much more lax and social. I’m excited for that, for sure.

As I kind of touched on before, I’m thinking about doing a post for general AX trip goodness, as well as one for merch we got. In the meantime, though, I’ve got watercolor commissions to work on, so I’ve gotta work fast!



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