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Anime Expo 2018 Loot Haul

Long post. Very long post. Prepare yourself emotionally. I know I sure had to.

While this purchase list looks insanely big, I actually have an excuse!!!!! Our friend does a thing where, whenever we go to a con he’s not attending, he’ll give us some money he would’ve spent there and tells us to surprise him with things he’d like. It’s pretty fun to scout stuff out for him. So about half of this stuff is for that one friend rather than for us. (Namely any Nitocris, Persona, or Jeanne Alter stuff)

I won’t be including any autograph stuff. That’ll get its own post. This one is just too lengthy, pushing over 1,000 words.

I’ll just get right into it.


I grabbed a bunch from one booth in the artist’s alley, Concon! (twitter)


That same friend got me a cute Zero Two vinyl sticker from Fanime, so I wanted to return the favor, lol.


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(Don’t u judge me, the shirt pics were taken as soon as we got home…)

They also sold these AMAZING rhythm game shirts!! The Jubeat one was for our friend, and the Sound Voltex one was for Kevin. They had rhythm game acrylic charms and lanyards, too, but I wasn’t familiar enough with them to know which ones they’d like, so I stuck with just these.


This next group of items was bought from the Nomononome/Onee-giri booth! (twitter|twitter)

These charms and the Gudako stamp, Tamamo dakimakura, and Granblue items were by Onee-giri, and the Persona 5 notepad was by Nomononome.



I got two of the Gudako stamps, one for Kevin and one for our friend.

I also grabbed the Lucio button so I could get the April Fools Taiko Vyrn sticker.

I actually forgot to get a picture of the Tamamo daki, but you can see it in the promo photo they took for their booth!



I asked Hitsukuya (twitter) to hold the Tamamo pillow I was gonna get for Kevin, but I grabbed some keychains, too.

We also got some prints, as well as Doomfest‘s new Azur Lane book, both of which I forgot to photograph. But other than that, that about covers what I got from the artist’s alley. From here on, it’s from the dealer’s room.


One of our friend’s only requests was to hit up the Atlus booth (which took two days……), but I WAS able to grab the stuff he wanted.



They also gave out a hardcover Persona 5 artbook for free with my purchase, but our friend already had that one, so we got to keep it!

Also included in this pic is an old Kantoku artbook and an autograph for our friend (who is also named Kevin lmao).


I actually managed to find some Sena buttons/straps I didn’t already have!!! I wasn’t even really looking for her! What a dream!

I don’t remember which booth I got the button from, but the strap was from Retro Saikou!

They’ve got a lot of cool stuff there. I was eyeing up the PlayStation 1 Lain game, lmao.


Kevin spent almost the entire con working at the MangaGamer booth, unfortunately, but he did end up picking up Umineko’s answer arcs and The House in Fata Morgana’s hard copies, which is cool.


Although Kevin missed out on the exclusive Nekopara skateboard being sold at Fakku, he did manage to get the Nekopara Nintendo Switch stand, along with two shirts I didn’t get photos of.

Pic from Sekai Project‘s website. The other shirt is 2lewd.


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(By the way, he bought a Switch not long after we got back through Target’s coupon code fiasco and Nekopara was on it within twenty minutes…)



Card sleeves! The doujin Tamamo sleeves and playmats were drawn by Chocoan (except the sleeves of her in her twintail pink outfit, those were drawn by Koga Rejini), and they and the Toa (Wagamama High Spec) were for Kevin, the others were for our friend.

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I’m especially proud of the Pop Team Epic “Hello, Police?” oversleeves, which I encouraged him to use over Prisma Illya sleeves.

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This Jack deck box was by Capricio (twitter).


I also got the AX 2018 exclusive LL!Sunshine Weiss card for our friend from the Bushiroad booth.


And some random buttons. Serval and Tamamo are for Kevin, Hideri is for our friend.

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Nesoberis! Kitakitsune and Mari aren’t new, but Kevin got Nero for me and I got You for our friend.

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I also got a Menhera-chan t-shirt (left), but that was mostly just to qualify for his autograph ticket.

Photo from Fickle Wish‘s website


And lastly—!

Angie (who drew the mascot for my site!) Drew me a lil Medb for when we met up ;_;


Too cute… I’m so happy… I luv her.


I think my biggest regret was not being more organized. I really wish I’d grabbed artists’ business cards especially so I could make neater photos of everything together.

It sounds ridiculous after this enormous list, but I sort of regretted not doing much for myself in comparison to how much shopping I did for other people. The only things I got for me were the Kantoku artbook, the Menhera-chan shirt (which, like I said…), and the Sena buttons, and Kevin was sweet enough to get Nero for me. I am happy about those, though, and I really like them, so it’s all okay.

AX was overwhelming and overall just A Lot, so I really didn’t get a chance at any point to stop for anything or think about anything besides what I had to get done. That’s not to say I didn’t have a good time, but it was just very, very busy. Otakon will be cleaner and nicer and more moderately-paced. I’m prepped now.

So, two more Anime Expo posts. Autographs and General AX Con Post. Soon. Almost there. Almost done. I’ve got this.



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