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Otakon 2018 Merch Haul

So much has happened since I last updated! Summer WonFes, Otakon, redecorating the living room (where our figures are)… So I’ve decided to just cover our Otakon haul this time.


jk I have no personal agency

I returned the DSLR camera I’d borrowed to my friend at Otakon (who was nice enough to let me keep it for months on end… lmao thank you so much), so this is going to be essentially all phone photos, but that’s probably fine. I should be getting my own camera in the next few months! I’m excited for it.

To be honest, I haven’t been doing great lately. I start my new proper permanent job next Monday. We’re midway through redecorating the house, and I’m working on a long visual novel project right now. Our first Japan trip is coming up in November, and I need to plan and budget for it desperately. I haven’t felt like updating my blog much at all. Every day feels busy and overwhelming lately, but I know I need to just remind myself life always has ups and downs, and it’ll pass.


Well, I’ll just get into it.




My friend told me there were $5 ita-wallets in the dealer’s room, and I ran off to grab one instantly. I found them at the Itabag Palace booth. While I was there, I also grabbed a cute new bag.

I looked a girl dead in the face and asked “If I make a Kirito itabag, do you think people will beat me up? Is that a good idea?” and she instantly turned away and laughed, so my misguided ass went in on it.
Well…… we’ll see…

The workers at the booth were super nice, and they told me all of their bags have a warranty where if they get damaged or worn-down, they’ll replace them. Their website is here.


I FINALLY FOUND THEM… I’ve wanted the matching bridal Miku/Luka straps for a long time but never bothered to seek them out. Honestly, the Miku is faded yellow and all the Lukas there had some kind of weird mark on their faces, so I probably shouldn’t have gone in then and there, but… I’ve never seen them sold in person before, so I got excited.


Kevin got me an adorable tiny emperor while I was stuck working the MangaGamer booth on Friday!! I was really happy… She’s so small…


I also found a Rare Yui Strap. Yui is my favorite girl from Yuru Yuri, and she’s dangerously underappreciated, so I wanted to grab her when I saw it.

I’m actually having some trouble trying to find the set she’s from, but I also didn’t try that hard to look, lol.


And a decently sizable Mari acrylic keychain! I’ve always liked the School Idol Diary style, but never got any of the keychains even though they’re adorable. This one is much bigger than it looks.


Kevin found a Vampy button! He got Eugen while trying to pull a Yuel strap. I gave it a shot and got Io instead, but I gave that to a friend lol.


We also got a little acrylic keychain from Slugbox!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kevin picked up the Yamashiro keychain and got the Korwa for me from Moorina! I’d already bought the summer Narumeia one for him.


Here’s the tiny summer Naru keychain over RiceGnat‘s summer Naru playmat!

(I took that picture and Kevin promptly pulled her on a non-water rate up day… Onee-chan came home…)

Moving on from straps and keychains—



I FINALLY GOT CU ATLER PLUSH…… I couldn’t get into the Aniplex booth at all at AX, and everything I wanted sold out almost immediately, so I was out of luck. I was able to snag him at the MG booth, of all places, lmao…


Although, tbh, the joke is dead since I didn’t cosplay Medb to Otakon… It’s still nice to know I could put a leash on him as a prop if I ever pull it out and wear it again, lol.


We finally had success with blind box luck…!!! There were 6 characters in the set, and we got 2 boxes. I wanted Jalter and long-arm Gudao the most, and despite the store clerk talking nonstop about hoping we would get Astolfo, I got the ones I wanted… Truly, a dream.

I cosplayed Jalter at this con, so it was exciting to be able to get something small of her.


A new mug!! A Holo mug with an illustration from the light novel artist, Jyuu Ayakura. Kevin was really excited to find her.


She’s settled nicely onto our Spice & Wolf/Holo shelf.


Kevin won a Gahkthun clear file from the MG raffle box! He tested that game and loves the Steampunk series, so I’m happy he got it.


Kevin also picked up a fanmade Nekopara dakimakura. He’d wanted it at AX, but wasn’t able to get it. We haven’t opened it yet… The Chocola side is a mystery…


From here on, it’s books!


Hatsukoi Party, by Tsukako. I wasn’t familiar with this artist before, but my friend recommended them to me, and I ended up picking it up. It’s really cute.


Kevin got a bunch of Granblue stuff, including a Ferry doujinshi.


He got this one, too. Luckily, Vampy is here to save the day and censor the cover.rightwtrmrk-7

He grabbed this, too! It’s an official anthology from lots of different artists.


I also got sold on a Tatsuki Amaduyu artbook. He did some of the art for To Heart 2, so I’m pretty wild about it. It’s a long-spanning collection, so it’s neat to see how their art has changed over the years. My friend threw in one of his doujins, too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got Kevin an artbook for the light novel illustrations of Re:Zero. It included (what I think are??) two little side novels for the series.


Otakon was honestly not a ton of fun this year. It was really tiring, and a lot of different not-so-good things happened, so I haven’t been very excited to write about it. I was stressed before I went and I was stressed when I left. I’ll still post about the good parts of it, but I just hope next year will be better.



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